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What We Look For in a Future Coder Athlete

Everyone admitted to our Coder League program must first visit our Coder Gym location for an assessment and 30 minute free lesson. Parents are required to remain in the Coder Gym during the assessment process and are encouraged to observe their child’s engagement level. We strongly recommend families opt for the twice a week program if possible. Two practice sessions per week, one hour each, offers the optimized learning environment. 

During your child’s free lesson and assessment we will be observing the following:

  1. Behavior and interest in our learning approach.
  2. Ability to interact with the computer through typing, mouse movement, and engagement.
  3. Academic interests and knowledge acquisition skills.
  4. Teamwork and social integration skills.
  5. Technical leadership potential.

We are looking for children and youth who are motivated to learn to code and have the academic potential to become leaders in their chosen fields. Becoming a Coder Athlete is not easy and it is not a short term path.

Children with special needs are welcome to self identify. Coder Sports Academy is committed to building strength through diversity in our community and has implemented a number of accommodations to facilitate success in our development programs for everyone.

Our programs are intended for children and youth who are motivated to learn Computer Science and wish to explore the limits of their academic capabilities. Coder Sports Academy is challenging and requires parents have an awareness of the Long Term Coder Development Framework we employ. There are no shortcuts to a rewarding career in STEM, and there is no quick solution to learning complex ideas.

Thank you for considering Coder Sports Academy. We look forward to welcoming your child into our Coder Athlete Development program!