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Detailed Course Outline
XML Part 2 XML/XSLT: Hands On Workshop
Course: 745
Duration: 2 Days
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Course Outline
Suggested Prerequisites
Suggested Follow-Ons
bulletBuild database applications with relational databases (including SQL Server 2000), ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), and XML, using XML data in the most appropriate places in the application
bulletUse XML to make remote method calls, using SOAP and Microsoft's ROPE, across HTTP and through firewalls
bulletCreate client applications using Internet Explorer and XML that provide the user with a customized and interactive user experience
bulletUse XML on a Web server to provide cross-browser support for Web applications and persist state
bulletUse XML as a cross-platform way to communicate data between the components in an n-tier, distributed application
bulletUse variables to build attribute values and store default values.
bulletDesign named templates that act as subroutines in and XSLT stylesheet.
bulletUse XSLT to calculate results and do totaling based on XML data.
bulletHandle HTML tags in the content of your XML source document.
bulletDecide if and when to use processor-specific extensions in your XSLT applications.
Databases and XML
bulletUsing XML in Database Applications
bulletOLE DB and ADO
bulletWorking with XML Data in ADO
bulletXML and SQL Server 2000
Soap on a Rope: XML and Web Services
bulletA Brief History of Remote Procedure Calls
bulletIntroducing SOAP
bulletProgramming SOAP
bulletMicrosoft's SOAP Toolkit
bulletProgramming SOAP on a Rope
XML on the Client: Internet Explorer Applications
bulletWhere Should XML Be Processed?
bulletXML Data Islands
bulletXML Data Source Object
bulletStoring Local State
bulletSecurity Considerations
XML on the Server
bulletWhy Use XML on the Server?
bulletUsing the ServerXMLHTTP Object and XMLHTTPRequest Objects
XML in Distributed Applications
bulletBuilding Distributed Applications with XML
bulletMoving Data Around a Distributed Application
bulletA Distributed Example
Traditional Programming Concepts and XSLT
bulletProgramming Concepts You Can Use
bulletWorking with Variables
bulletCalling Named Templates
bulletUsing Functions
bulletCreating Modular Stylesheet Solutions
Creating an XML Result Tree
bulletXML-Structured Variables
bulletXML Node Creation Elements
Doing Calculations in XSLT
bulletProgramming with No Side Effects
bulletApplying Recursive Programming Techniques
Common XSLT Challenges
bulletApplying XSLT
bulletHow Do I Group Data?
bulletGrouping Data: Another Solution
bulletHow Do I Copy HTML Tags from the Data
bulletHow Do I Add or Remove Whitespace?
Using Processor-Specific Extensions
bulletThe Mechanics of Extensions
bulletShould You Use Extensions?
bulletRecovering from Missing Extensions
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML)
bulletThe Future of HTML is Built on XML
bulletIntroducing XHTML
bulletThe Rigid XHTML Syntax
bulletXHTML Extensions Under Development
Maximizing XML Performance
bulletXML Performance
bulletXML DOM Performance
bulletDOM vs. SAX
Hands On Training
Numerous Hands ON Labs and work assignments throughout the course.