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TCP/IP Fundamentals
Course: 794
Duration: 2 Days
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Detailed Course Description
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TCP/IP is the most important networking protocol suite ever invented. IP as it is commonly known is the standard set of rules of the global Internet. Any device connected to the Internet must adhere to TCP/IP.

Today more and more innovative products and technologies are emerging to capitalize on the Internet, and TCP/IP in particular. As a result it is becoming critical for anyone involved in the design or delivery of business products and services to develop a solid grasp of the ever-expanding role TCP/IP plays in our daily lives.

What You Will Learn
Who Should Attend
bulletNetwork Designers
bulletTelecom Professionals
bulletIT Managers
bulletProject Managers
bulletSoftware Designers
Course Benefits
Detailed Course Description >>
bullet Hands On Training
Setup Subnets: Using a series of PCs in the classroom, students will assign PCs to different subnets and test for proper configuration using Ping.
Initiate a Telnet session.
Configure a Windows 2000 server to act as an FTP server.