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Scheduled Classes in Vancouver, BC:

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Course Name

Start Date


 Virtual Class Live Class
795 Embedded Linux Training Course Part 1: Hands ON Fundamentals Course 4/14/2014 4 Days Register Register
801 IPv6 Training Course: Hands ON Workshop 3/10/2014 3 Days Register Register
801 IPv6 Training Course: Hands ON Workshop 4/14/2014 3 Days Register Register
2004 SIP Training: Session Initiation Protocol Workshop 3/27/2014 2 Days Register Register
784 VoIP Training Course: Voice Over IP Hands On Workshop 3/17/2014 3 Days Register Register
745 XML Part 2 XML/XSLT: Hands On Workshop 4/14/2014 2 Days Register Register

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I took an online, Live, Virtual Training course from TrainingCity. The instructor was very knowledgeable. The course materials were well prepared. The labs were instructive and provided a good hands-on experience. March 20, 2007
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