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I highly recommend TrainingCity for training services. I took a workshop for one week for training on VoIP technologies. After taking the course, I knew enough about the technology to set up my own VoIP system at home, and am qualified to get a VoIP job.

TrainingCity's course is organized, the topics are covered thoroughly and they have deep knowledge of the subject. In addition, my instructor was very personable and kept the class interested. I plan on taking future courses with TrainingCity. Yvonne Young March 26, 2007

Detailed Course Outline
MPLS Training Course: Fundamentals, Hands ON Trainnig
Course: 789
Duration: 2 Days
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Course Outline
Suggested Prerequisites
Suggested Follow-Ons
In this class students gain hands on experience with Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). Students will explore the MPLS design & deployment issues in the context of an IP and ATM network architecture.
  • Definitions
  • History
  • Recent Developments & Emerging Trends
Basic Concepts
  • Definition of Label
  • Label Swapping
  • Label Switching: Forwarding & Control Components
  • Edge Devices
  • Label Switching vs. Layer 3 Addressing
IP Switching & Tag Switching
  • IP Switching Overview
  • IFMP and GSMP
  • Tag Switching
MPLS Concepts
  • Architecture
  • Ordered vs. Independent Control
  • Detection & Prevention of Loops
  • ATM Integration
  • Multicast
Quality of Service Issues and Support
  • MPLS QoS Overview
  • RSVP
  • DiffServ
MPLS Network Routing
  • Constraint Based Routing
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • OSPF
  • IS-IS
MPLS & Virtual Private Networks
Hands On Training
  • Numerous Hands On Labs are completed throughout the course.