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I highly recommend TrainingCity for training services. I took a workshop for one week for training on VoIP technologies. After taking the course, I knew enough about the technology to set up my own VoIP system at home, and am qualified to get a VoIP job.

TrainingCity's course is organized, the topics are covered thoroughly and they have deep knowledge of the subject. In addition, my instructor was very personable and kept the class interested. I plan on taking future courses with TrainingCity. Yvonne Young March 26, 2007

Detailed Course Outline
Web Services Executive Workshop
Course: 2008
Duration: 2 Days
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Course Outline
Suggested Prerequisites
Suggested Follow-Ons
This two-day course is designed to Managers, Business Analysts, & support staff. The course provides a firm understanding of the process of defining and planning the implementation of a web service. It discusses reasons for implementing web services, interface considerations, system reusability, interoperability, and security. It explains and contrasts RPC-oriented services (SOAP) with XML-centric alternatives (REST).
Getting Started with Web Services
  • Web Services Defined
  • Why Build a Web Service?
  • Design Considerations
  • Physical Constraints
  • HTTP Interface Design
  • Resources
  • Parameter Passing
  • Client Issues
  • XML Considerations
Web Services Overview
  • Interfaces vs. Platforms
  • Web Services Applications
  • RPC-style Web Services
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Implementing XML Standards
  • Internationalization
  • Security and Authentication
  • Transactions
  • Interface Versioning
Interface Design
  • Physical Considerations
  • Web Services Protocols
  • HTTP Review
  • Defining Resources
  • URL Design
  • Query Parameters
  • GET and POST
  • SOAP Over HTTP
    • Stateless and Stateful Operations
    • Planning for Scalability
    Publishing and Discovery
    • Knowing Your Audience
    • Discovery Protocols
    • UDDI
    • WSDL
    • RDF
    • XML Schema
    Basic SOAP
    • SOAP Overview
    • The SOAP Envelope
    • SOAP Over HTTP
    • A SOAP Server
    • The Deployment Descriptor
    • A SOAP Client
    • Complex Data Types
    • Complex Data Types: Client Code
    Web Service Development
    • Selecting A Platform
    • Planning for Reuse
    • Security Considerations
    • Supporting Transactions
    • Staged Development
    • Deployment & Ongoing Maintenance
    Building Web Services in Java
    • The Java Web Services Developer Pack
    • Selecting A Development Framework
    • Java Servlets
    • JavaServer Pages
    • Using SOAP with JAX-RPC
    • Creating A WSDL Document
    • Securing the Application
    • Deployment
    • Calling from the Client
    Building Web Services in .NET
    • .NET Architecture Overview
    • The .NET Framework
    • The Common Language Runtime (CLR)
    • .NET Remoting vs. ASP .NET
    • A Simple ASP .NET Web Service
    • Using the wsdl Utility
    • Securing the Application
    • Deployment
    • Calling from the Client
    Using Web Services
    • Client Types
    • Software Clients
    • Browser Clients
    • HTML Interfaces
    • Aggregating Web Services
    • Distributed Transaction Strategies
    • Alternative Transports (SMTP)
    Hands On Training
    Numerous Case studies throughout the course.
    Hands on Labs and work exercises augment the instructor led program.