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Detailed Course Outline
Embedded Linux: Hands ON: Part 1
Course: 795
Duration: 5 Days
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Course Outline
Suggested Prerequisites
Suggested Follow-Ons
bulletThe course is designed for individuals with experience in software design. A Basic knowledge of a programming language such as C++ or Java will be helpful. Background in embedded system development will be a plus.

bulletThe application of the Linux Operating system in embedded systems design is exploding. More and more new and unique applications are being designed and deployed everyday. Programmers and hardware designers will benefit from this 4 day opportunity to develop real world embedded Linux skilled through hands on exercises, labs, and design projects.

Introduction to Linux
bulletOverview of Linux
bulletLinux development tools and software
Embedded Systems Overview
bulletEmbedded Systems Overview
bulletProcess and Application environment in embedded systems
bulletMemory management in embedded systems
bulletI/O in embedded environment
bulletSoftware development environment
bulletReal time, hard real time distinction
Linux Operating System Details
bulletProcessor model
bulletKernel overview
bulletReal time scheduling
bulletHard real time issues with Linux
bulletLinux Boot process
bulletInterrupt processing in Linux
bulletDevice drivers
bulletKernel Modules
Embedded Linux System Details
bulletBoot sequence
bulletSystem loading, syslinux, Lilo, grub,
bulletRoot file system
bulletBinaries required for system operation
bulletShared and static Libraries overview
bulletWriting applications in user space
bulletGUI environments for embedded Linux system
Real Time Linux
bulletReal Time Overview
bulletLinux as a real time OS
bulletLinux suitability for real time
bulletLinux Real Time options from vendors
Embedded Linux Vendors and solutions
bulletOverview of embedded Linux vendor solutions
bulletEmbedded Linux examples
bulletMP3 players
Embedded Linux Configuration & Installation
Final Course Design Project
Hands On Training
Setup Linux system.
Configure Linux with options and modules.
Write kernel modules.
Setup Real Time Linux environment.
Real time changes to Linux kernel.
Configure an embedded Linux system.
Setup DiskOnChip boot process
Setup Compact Flash boot process
Setup GUI for embedded Linux system
Design and Implement an Internet Appliance using embedded Linux.