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Program Overview

TrainingCity delivers training and consulting services to a wide array of corporate clients.  We partner with companies and organizations that bring value to our students and corporate consulting clients. 

Partnerships are divided into two types: 

bullet Training Partners 
bullet Solutions Partners

Each category is designed to ensure our customers and partners benefit throughout their engagement with TrainingCity. 

Training Partners

Our training partners have one thing in common, they are committed to delivering the best available hands on labs & workshops to students from a wide range of corporate clients.  

Our Training partners fall into three broad categories; 

1. Offer our training to your clients.

bulletPartners that offer our Training classes to their clients gain a valuable new service offering and a substantial additional revenue stream.  Organizations such as universities and other companies can "OEM" our training classes and services. 

2.  We offer your courses to our clients.

bulletPartners that have classes or other materials TrainingCity offers to our clients gain an opportunity to extend their service delivery into our expanding client base. Partners include courseware CD-ROM, & elearning vendors, other training companies with complimentary products and services.

3.  Outsource your product specific training requirements.

bullet Companies with hardware and software products choose TrainingCity to design and deliver product specific training programs into their distribution channel and to their customer base.  By outsourcing training & certification requirements our partners can concentrate on the successful launch of their products. 

We partner with many hardware and software vendors to bring leading edge products into the classroom. Our clients benefit from real world labs and other hands on exercises while product vendors gain invaluable brand and market exposure. 

Product vendors are often invited to attend and participate in training classes, and product literature is generally included in our handouts.

Solutions Partners

Are your customers looking to you to deliver design & consulting expertise? TrainingCity provides partners with consulting services in a number of technology-focused areas including XML/XSLT & Embedded Linux. TrainingCity consulting services include activities such as porting Embedded Linux and application development using XML technologies.

TrainingCity clients know where to turn when they need real world expertise for training & for consulting services.  We assist clients in a wide array of system integration & other consulting services.  Many of our product focused Training Partners also our Consulting & SI Partners.

Online Classes

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Learn XML in TrainingCity's exciting training classes.  We offer opportunities to gain hands on experience with VPN, VoIP, Web Services and many other important topics. 

If you have any questions please call 1-800-381-5654 to speak with a customer service representative about our upcoming classes.