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Order Online & Help Kids Learn to Read!  Thanks to all of you who bought books last Quarter!  We generated $25.00 in book sales commissions and donated it to "Help Kids Learn!" 

Recommended Books:

Every month we bring you our reviews of new publications that our employees are reading.  Since most of us are "techies" the books are generally related to the topics we teach.  Occasionally a novel or other "pot boiler" slips in amongst the heavy sided textbook.

TrainingCity has partnered with to bring you their "World's Largest Bookstore".  If you choose to order a book online, please do so by selecting a link below.  You will automatically be transferred to where you will get their same great discount, and as an added bonus we donate an additional 5 - 15% of the proceeds to Literacy charities depending on the book you select. 

If you would like to recommend a non profit literacy organization please drop us a note:


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