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"...we needed technical training for IP Networking Fundamentals and Advanced Training for SIP, and MPLS based firewalls... The result of TrainingCity's professionalism and sense of urgency is that we have a more advanced support team internally for our network, and the ability to provide first class service to our customers.   Steve V.  (Major US Carrier) February 15, 2007


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bulletTrainingCity offers XML & Web Services training courses  in over 20 locations throughout North America, & Now in London, UK!



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Copyright TrainingCity 1998 - 2011.  Learn practical IPv6 Training, DNSSEC Classes, hands on XML and SOA Web Services training concepts in TrainingCity's exciting classes.  We offer opportunities to gain hands on experience with VPN, VoIP, Web Services and many other important topics.  Attend our Web Services Training courses and jump start your next development project.  We offer three embedded Linux courses.

If you have any questions please call 1-800-381-5654 or 613-435-1170 to speak with a customer service representative regarding our upcoming training classes.